Billy Moyer Wins Milestone 800th Career Feature at Lafayette County Speedway

A standing room only crowd was on hand for the “Ralph Fryer 54 Memorial Race” at the Lafayette County Speedway. It was a history making night, not only for the Fryer family with a whopping $5454.54 winner’s purse but also who would claim the prize. Hall of Fame driver Billy Moyer made it clear early and from the very first lap that he was not to be denied his historic 800th win and the biggest purse in the history of the track.

With Billy Moyer making history at the front of the field, it was great racing in the top 10 positions. Five time CBC Champion Chad Simpson hand his hands full with a strong battle with Mitch McGrath as the two drivers went back and forth. Simpson secured his 2nd finishing spot and then Jason Rauen took chase, passing McGrath and taking 3rd place with McGrath finishing 4th. High Side Hustler, Jason Feger worked the cushion in the corners and held off Paul Parker for 5th.

Heat race number 3 saw some intense action with Rory Metcalf and Curt Martin getting together in the middle of turns three and four. Both cars were severely damaged with Curt Martin flipping and landing on the guard rail and fencing. Quick action by the track safety team was able to upright the Martin car and he exited un-hurt.

Heat #1
1 58 Dave Eckrich
2 50 Denny Eckrich
3 56 Andy Eckrich
4 29 Spencer Diercks
5 54 Mike Fryer
6 79W Greg Wagner
7 1R Robby Bunkelman

Heat #2
1 74M Mitch McGrath
2 98 Jason Rauen
3 25X Jason Feger
4 9Z Lyle Zanker
5 51C Chris Oertel
6 G1 Mike Garland
7 56D Travis Denning

Heat #3
1 25 Chad Simpson
2 10P Paul Parker
3 3B Brad Stewart
4 65 Toby Kuntzelman
5 2M Rory Metcalf
6 45 Curt Martin

Heat #4
1 21 Billy Moyer
2 3X Skip Frey
3 28R Mark Rose
4 27H Justin Hirt
5 26B Wayne Brau
6 8R Bill Rezutek

Inaugural Ralph Fryer Memorial $5,454 to Win A-Main
1 2 21 Billy Moyer (Batesville, AR)
2 4 25 Chad Simpson (Mt. Vernon, IA)
3 5 98 Jason Rauen (Farley, IA)
4 3 74M Mitch McGrath (Waukesha, WI)
5 11 25X Jason Feger (Bloomington, IL)
6 6 10P Paul Parker 
7 10 56 Andy Eckrich (Oxford, IA)
8 12 28R Mark Rose (Elcho, WI)
9 23 56D Travis Denning (Sterling, IL)
10 16 27H Justin Hirt (Tigerton, WI)
11 13 29 Spencer Diercks (Davenport, IA)
12 1 58 Dave Eckrich (Oxford, IA)
13 22 8R Bill Rezutek (Big Bend, WI)
14 9 3B Brad Stewart (Milledgeville, IL)
15 15 65 Toby Kuntzelman 
16 21 79W Greg Wagner (Polo, IL)
17 18 51C Chris Oertel (Marshfield, WI)
18 19 54 Mike Fryer (Freeport , IL)
19 17 26B Wayne Brau (Annawon, IL)
20 14 9Z Lyle Zanker (Rockford, IL)
21 24 1R Robby Bunkelman (Abbtosford, WI)
22 20 G1 Mike Garland (Morrison, IL)
23 7 50 Denny Eckrich (Tiffin, IA)
24 8 3X Skip Frey (Swisher, IA)
25 25 2M Rory Metcalf (West Union, IA)
26 26 45 Curt Martin (Independence, IA)
Special thanks to Mike Ruefer for the recap...