Kyle Berck Tops Field at I-80 Speedway to Capture Alphabet Soup Crown




The 14th Annual Alphabet Soup race fired off Friday evening at I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, Nebraska. Following an exciting 35 lap feature, Kyle Berck came out on top. "We struggled early in the year and got some momentum (now)," exclaimed Berck. "The crew's worked their tale off. In all honesty I really thought I had the dominant car. That's maybe trying to be a little over confident, but we haven't won a big show in quite a while. The car was excellent in the heat race. I really felt the race was going to come to us like it did."


Pole sitter RC Whitwell was out front early, but had his advantage negated by a yellow flag on lap 12. Berck took over the lead, but Whitwell was still in contention until lap 17, when he was sideways and stalled at the top of turns one and two. Terry Phillips and Ryan Gustin narrowly slid by, but Jeremy Payne was not so fortunate. He and Whitwell made hard contact ending both their night's.


Back under green, Berck pulled away. Chad Simpson and Jesse Stovall raced each other hard for the runner up position. Simspon was a little faster and finished second, with Stovall claiming the final podium position.


"It's the old Greenwood tonight," commented Simpson of the great surface. "You can run the top. You can run the bottom. These guys are all good. We're happy coming out of here with second."


Four yellows slowed the pace of the race, the most serious being for the Whitwell and Payne collision. Tad Pospisil was the evening's Hard Charger with a big push forward from 18th to fourth.


Saturday evening the Corn Belt Clash Series will wrap up their three-race weekend with the Ray Houck Liberty 50 at Adams County Speedway. The 50 lap feature winner will pocket $5,000.




A Feature (35 Laps): 1. Kyle Berck 2. Chad Simpson 3. Jesse Stovall 4. Tad Pospisil 5. Terry Phillips 6. Jason Utter 7. Tony Jackson Jr. 8. Brandon McCormick 9. Corey Zeitner 10. Jake O'Neil 11. Ryan Gustin 12. Justin Asplin 13. Mike Collins 14. Dave Eckrich 15. Austin Siebert 16. Jason O'Brien 17. Jeff Roth 18. Brian Schutt 19. Mike Wiarda 20. RC Whitwell 21. Jeremy Payne 22. Bill Leighton 23. Chris Simpson 24. Ben Schaller 25. Mark Rose 26. Spencer Diercks 27. JC Wyman 28. Mike Stadel


B Feature #1 (10 Laps): 1. 1. Chris Simpson 2. Jake O'Neil 3. Bill Leighton 4. Larry Ferris 5. Justin Asplin 6. Jason O'Brien 7. Denny Eckrich 8. Junior Coover 9. JC Wyman 10. Curt Drake 11. Randy Roth


B Feature #2 (10 Laps): 1. Tad Pospisil 2. Mike Collins 3. Brian Kosiski 4. Matt Buller 5. Scott Lewis 6. Austin Siebert 7. Ben Schaller 8. Jeff Roth 9. Mark Rose 10. Skip Frey 11. John Hample


Heat #1 (10 Laps): 1. Chad Simpson 2. Kyle Berck 3. Jesse Stovall 4. Spencer Diercks 5. Brian Kosiski 6. Tad Pospisil 7. Bill Leighton 8. Matt Buller 9. Justin Asplin 10. Larry Ferris


Heat #2 (10 Lpas): 1. Terry Phillips 2. Ryan Gustin 3. Jeremy Payne 4. Brandon McCormick 5. Tony Jackson Jr. 6. Chris Simpson 7. Austin Siebert 8. Jake O'Neil 9. Scott Lewis 10. Jeff Roth


Heat #3 (10 Laps): 1. Mike Wiarda 2. Mike Stadel 3. Brian Schutt 4. Dave Eckrich 5. Ben Schaller 6. Randy Roth 7. Junior Coover 8. Curt Drake 9. Denny Eckrich


Heat #4 (10 Laps): 1. Jason Utter 2. R.C. Whitwell 3. Corey Zeitner 4. JC Wyman 5. Jason O'Brien 6. Mike Collins 7. Skip Frey 8. Mark Rose 9. John Hample