Chad Simpson Takes Davenport





Chad Simpson finally made it to victory lane at the Davenport Speedway. The Mt.Vernon, Iowa driver took home the top prize at the Midwest Sanction Showdown. The event, run on the half-mile track, was co-sanctioned by the Corn Belt Clash Late Model Series and MARS DirtCar Series.


Ray Guss Jr. started on the pole and led the first eleven laps. On lap twelve, Guss tried to pass a back marker on the bottom of the track and the two made contact in turn three. That was all Simpson needed. Chad cruised around on the high side, took the lead, and never looked back.


Ryan Gustin got close to Simpson in the final laps, but could not make a bid for the lead. Following Simpson and Gustin to the checkers was Jason Utter in third. Ryan Unzicker came from 25th starting position to finish fourth. Jesse Stovall rounded out the top five.


A number of top contenders were taken out of the event by wrecks, including Billy Moyer, Terry Phillips, and Tony Jackson Jr.


Thirty-six late model drivers were on hand representing eight states. Late model heat wins went to Gustin, Chad Simpson, Brandon McCormick, and Rodney Sanders. B-mains were won by Justin Asplin and Garrett Alberson.

Heat 1: 1. Ryan Gustin; 2. Chris Spieker; 3. Tony Jackson Jr.; 4. Jesse Stovall; 5. Mike Fryer;

Heat 2: 1. Brandon McCormick; 2. Skip Frey; 3. Rich Bell; 4. Terry Phillips; 5. Justin Asplin;

Heat 3: 1. Chad Simpson; 2. Ray Guss Jr.; 3. David Fiber; 4. Spencer Diercks; 5. Jay Johnson;

Heat 4: 1. Rodney Sanders; 2. Jason Utter; 3. Chris Simpson; 4. Billy Moyer; 5. Jeff Roth;

Semi 1: 1. Justin Asplin; 2. Mike Fryer; 3. Jeff Roth; 4. Dustin Walker; 5. Mark Rose;

Semi 2: 1. Garrett Alberson; 2. Jay Johnson; 3. Doug Blashe; 4. Mitch McGrath; 5. Lyle Zanker;

Feature (35-laps): 1. Chad Simpson; 2. Ryan Gustin; 3. Jason Utter; 4. Ryan Unzicker; 5. Jesse Stovall; 6. Justin Asplin; 7. Dave Eckrich; 8. Ray Guss Jr.; 9. Rich Bell; 10. Skip Frey; 11. David Fiber; 12. Jeff Roth; 13. Mark Rose; 14. Rodney Sanders; 15. Spencer Diercks; 16. Jay Johnson; 17. Tony Jackson Jr.; 18. Chris Spieker; 19.  Chris Simpson; 20. Billy Moyer; 21. Terry Phillips; 22. Garrett Alberson;  23. Brandon McCormick; 24. Mike Fryer; 25. Leroy Johnson.