Denny Eckrich wins a Thriller



Everyone at The Cresco Speedway tonight (9-4-11) witnessed a thriller with the Dart Corn Belt Clash main event.

With a full field of cars the three heat races on the slate. Heat #1 top finishing order Justin Michell cruises to the victory with Jasen Utter second, Rick Wendling a close third. Heat #2 saw Skip Frey dominate his heat with second going to Chris Simpson and third going to Denny Eckrich. The 3rd heat was also dominated by the Dart Corn Belt clash point leader Chad Simpson, second was Tim Isenberg with a deep starting position and third was the 89 Car of Brad Mueller attending his first Corn Belt Clash event of the season.

One of the stand outs of the year the #25 car of Chad Simpson dominated the Kendell LLC Business Solutions dash brought to you by Pro Power, Grove Auto and Jr Motorsports with the unique dash the officials have put in place this year inverted pill draw.
He drew #6 inverting the top six finishers of the dash.

The $2,000 to win 30 lap A main rolling on the track on this cool Sunday night the near capacity crowd was not aware of what they were about to witness. At the drop of the green flag the crowd watched the flying 50 and the 9t scream to the front of the pack leading the way on the nicely prepared oval.

With two laps in, the 9T of Tim Isenburg was at the point showing the way.

Lap traffic was the next story to unfold, the 9t was easily maneuvering through the tail of the field lapping cars by lap 10. The flying 50 of Denny Eckrich was keeping 9t of Isenberg in his sites while point leader Chad Simpson and 2nd in points Chris Simpson also keeping their sites on the second place 50 car.  The leader was working the field flawlessly when he ran upon mid pack racing for position. Three wide action mid pack at lap 20 had slowed the 9t enough the 50 car closed the 10 car lead to half a car with the Simpsons' closing the gap.  It was a nail biter watching the leaders work the field, the 98 of (Hammer Down) Jason Rauen was also now in the lead pack after starting 15th.

With five to go Chad Simpson was flexing his muscle now pressuring for second spot with brother Chris & Rauen stuck to his rear bumper. With one to go it was 9t,50,25,32,98,31.  The 9t had a two car advantage over the 50 with the 25, 32 & 98 waiting to strike.  In the center of turn three & four the 50 made his move along with the 98 on 25's heels at the checkers it was the 50 by 1/2 car over 9t with Rauen by a bumper at the line over the 25.

The 98 Car of Jason Rauen was the Hooker Harness Hard Charger for this event //1/2 off a set of  Hooker Harness Safety System Seat Belts

The 89 Car of Brad Mueller was the Quarter Master Hard Luck Award that took place at the start of the event  // $100 certificate

The 88 Car of Roger Torgeson was the Comp Cams Hard Luck Award for the evening   //$100 certificate

The 61 Car Jon Rogers won the Hoosier WRS D-55 at the original draw

Again we would like to thank our Sponsors for the support to help make our Series  what it is. Dart,Cen-pe-co,Isky,RACE,JE,Wix,Manley,Hoosier,Comp Group,Kendel LLC ,Wraped by Dynamic Decals,Total Seal, RaceTec, Racer Fan Nation, Dirt Digz and ASI Sports Wear.

Official Results                   Payout


1   50 Denny Eckrich         $2000

2    9t Tim Isenburg          $1500
3    98 Jason Rauen          $1250
4    25 Chad Simpson        $1100
5    32 Chris Simpson        $1000
6    31 Jason Utter           $900
7    3x Skip Frey               $800
8    58 Dave Eckrich          $700
9    7E Niel Eckhart           $650
10  33m Nick Marlof          $600
11  1m Rob Moss              $580
12  5f Mike Fryer              $560
13  0  Jim Rychtik             $540
14  22 Jill George             $520
15   7  Dennis Hilson         $500
16  01 Kyle Jumbeck        $480
17  33l Joe Ludemann      $460
18  78 Rick Wendling       $440
19  71 Andrew McKay      $420
20  61 Jon Rogers           $400
21  89 Brad Mueller          $380
22  28 Justin Mitchell       $360
23  88 Rodger Torgerson  $340