Simpson continues hot streak at Farley Speedway


Chad Simpson accomplished his fifth win in five races at Farley Speedway during the 40 lap feature.

Jason Rauen pulled away from the field as Chris Simpson positioned himself into the second position. Chad Simpson seemed to be hugging the bottom grove as he worked from his 8th place starting position into third after the first caution of the event. Rauen began to pull away from the Simpson’s but Chad wouldn’t let that happen long as be began to run down Rauen. Chris seemed to be alone in third. It was lap 12 that Chad made his move and to the lead. Rauen came charging back but a caution prior to the lap being completed kept Chad in the lead. Upon the restart Chad had Rauen and Chris hot on his bumper. Staring out on the higher line Chad shot low and began to pull away as Rauen got shuffled back Chris and Joel Callahan rounded out the top three. Chad pulled away quickly from Chris as the field began to go single file. On lap 29 Chad had a straightaway lead on Chris as he worked towards the end of the field. One last caution with 3 laps to go gave the 8 remaining cars on the track a chance to battle for position but it was Chad Simpson who powered to another win in the series, Chris, Callahan and Andy Eckrich followed.

Feature Results –
1. Chad Simpson; 2. Chris Simpson; 3. Joel Callahan; 4. Andy Eckrich; 5. Denny Eckrich; 6. Jake Meier; 7. Dave Eckrich; 8. Jason Rauen; 9. Brian Beaudry; 10. Mike Fryar.

Heat winners – Jason Rauen; Chad Simpson; Andy Eckrich.